zhejiang rap intelligent vehicle co

eMC, a startup company based in Zhejiang, has announced the release of its first electric
vehicle. The RAP-SEV is a high-tech electric vehicle packed with features. Founder and CTO
Wolfgang Roffmann explained the company’s concept in a recent interview. The company
plans to launch the RAP-SEV sometime in the third quarter of 2019.

RAP-SEV vehicles are designed for last mile deliveries in
urban environments
The company, e-Motion Concepts Pty Ltd, is developing two smart electric vehicles that are

intended to perform last-mile delivery tasks in urban environments. The CT-Kargo and CT-
Kube are articulated three-wheel delivery vehicles powered by high-quality motors and Lithium

batteries. They are expected to hit the market later this year or early next.
The company’s mission is to design, manufacture, and sell intelligent electric vehicles for
micro logistics. It has focused its development on export markets, including Europe and
Australia. RAP-SEV vehicles are expected to be ready for the Australian market in the third
quarter of 2019.
As the last link in the logistics chain, last-mile delivery must be both efficient and
environmentally friendly
. AVs could improve last-mile delivery and lower emissions. But before
widespread adoption of AVs for deliveries, a new legislative framework must be developed.
The future of transport is at a critical point: shifting to digitalization, decarbonization, and
more. The COVID pandemic has accelerated this process. And parcel delivery has become
huge – almost 25 billion items will be delivered by 2020.
Moreover, the Bange series electric 3 wheeler is also a very efficient urban logistics solution.
It combines the mobility and high configuration of a light truck with the cargo capacity of a
motorcycle. With an impressive 1.4 cubic meter cargo capacity, the Bange is ideal for express
delivery in urban areas. Further, it is also perfect for micro cold chains and fresh food delivery.
They are expected to be available in third quarter of 2019
The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer RAP-SEV has announced that it has signed an
agreement with Australian electric vehicle maker e-Motion Concepts to import two models of
RAP vehicles into Australia. The company will be selling and servicing the electric mopeds and
will introduce the CT-Kargo and CT-Kube at Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo in late June.

The RAP-SEV vehicles are expected to be homologated and will be available for sale in the
third quarter of 2019. The company is focusing on providing clean, smart and efficient
solutions for urban environments, which will be an important part of the company’s long-term
strategy. It hopes to have these vehicles on the Australian market in the third quarter of 2019.
It is an evolution of the NV8f autonomous vehicle, which is already available in the market. It
is a hybrid vehicle, and its electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery. Its electrical
system is equivalent to an EV’s NV8f. The company has been developing its own car battery
for over three years. This will help the company save on battery costs.
They are being homologated
RAP vehicles are designed for last-mile delivery tasks in urban environments. They are
powered by Lithium batteries and have a range of 110km on a single charge. Their top speed
is 50km/h and their width is one metre or 0.8m. Their advanced features are similar to those
found in car, including Bluetooth connectivity.
The CT-Cargo is the first RAP vehicle to come
with a T-Box for remote monitoring.

The company has made the move to become a global supplier and distributor of Rap intelligent
vehicles. The deal includes the exclusive importer, distributor, and service agent for Rap
electric vehicles. Rap vehicles will be fully electric three-wheel mopeds with a battery pack.
The company’s latest additions to its portfolio include the CT-KARGO and CT-KUBE, two
vehicles designed for urban transport.


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