Traffic Control Concerns Associated With the Effingham Parkway Project in Rincon, Georgia

Have you ever wondered about the Effingham Parkway construction project? How will it affect
traffic in Rincon? If so, read on to learn more about the project. In this article, you’ll learn
about some of the traffic control concerns associated with it. Also, learn how you can protect
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Effingham Parkway
The Effingham Parkway rincon project is slated to cost $2.7 million, which will go toward a 70-
foot-wide center island and 17-foot-wide truck apron. Effingham County leaders have asked
residents to take part in a survey to provide input and help them prioritize transportation
issues. The county is preparing a Transportation Master Plan for the area, which will
determine high-priority locations for future transportation improvements, take into account the
community’s input, and consider future growth and traffic conditions.
The Effingham Parkway rincon project will expand the two-lane roadway, connecting State
Route 30 in Port Wentworth to Blue Jay Road in Rincon. The project will include numerous
bridges, including one over Goshen Road. The work is expected to break ground in late
summer or early fall, and it is expected to be completed by spring 2024. While the project may
be an expensive one, the benefits will be immense. In addition to the increased access to the
Effingham Parkway, it will also provide a safer alternative to traffic on State Route 30.
A bicycle lane is another solution to the Effingham parkway problem. Bicycle lanes are a viable
transportation option, but cyclists and pedestrians must avoid busy roads and high-speed
traffic. Effingham is a growing community, but the rincon lane will help make cycling safer and
more convenient. Additionally, the proposed route will connect to existing routes and provide
recreational opportunities for citizens.
In addition to the Effingham Parkway, a railroad right-of-way exists near W Johnson Street.
Amtrak runs daily service along the Silver Star route between New York and Miami. In addition,
the route continues to Screven County, where it connects to a major intermodal transportation
hub. Ultimately, the railroad right-of-way can provide the infrastructure for regional commuter
Effingham’s growth has come from commuters. Residents have commuted to Savannah for 200
years. In the 18th century, lumbermen and farmers used this road to transport produce to
Savannah. While those sawmills are long gone, modern residents have other reasons for
wanting to live within commuting distance of Savannah. For those reasons, the rincon traffic
control project is important for the future of Effingham.
Currently, the project is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. Several county
crossings are also being improved. These improvements are part of the county’s Capital
Improvement Program. If you’d like to learn more about the plan, consider taking the Rincon
Parkway traffic control course. You’ll be glad you did. There are no other courses quite like it.
For the price of a single course, you’ll have access to a wealth of useful information.
Effingham Parkway construction
A groundbreaking ceremony for the Effingham Parkway was held on Thursday in Effingham
County. The new two-lane road will connect State Route 30 in Port Wentworth to Blue Jay
Road in Rincon. Eventually, the parkway will stretch 6.4 miles from Benton Boulevard in
Chatham County to Blue Jay Road. TSPLOST and SPLOST funds will pay for the project. The
road is expected to open in the spring of 2024.

A new curve will be constructed along the Effingham Parkway, linking Blue Jay Road and
McCall Road. This new alignment will be near the Norfolk Southern Railroad and should be
complete by the end of 2021. Surface paving by APAC – Atlantic, Inc. is expected to begin
Monday, and the new alignment should be completed by Friday, December 10th. During
construction, traffic patterns will be disrupted intermittently. Eventually, the new curve will be
used to guide traffic.
The project will increase access to the Effingham community by increasing traffic flow. The
project will include six bridges, two cast-in-place box culverts, eight61 concrete piles, and
traffic control. The project will require approximately 600,000 cubic yards of borrow from three
borrow pits. GDOT and Balfour Beatty have delivered five infrastructure projects in Georgia. It
will take nearly four years to complete the entire project.
Once completed, the Effingham Parkway will tie into the east side of Blue Jay Road and form a
T-intersection with Blue Jay Road. The Effingham Parkway will typically have twelve-foot lanes
with 6.5-foot paved shoulders, and 80-foot right-of-way. The Effingham Parkway will feature
right-turn lanes. The project is estimated to cost $56 million.
Bicycle lanes should be available along the Effingham Parkway, allowing for faster response
times. On-road bicycle lanes are preferred by cyclists because they are more secure because
they cross fewer drive-ways. Shared-use paths, however, are useful for both recreational and
child-cycle riders. In addition, signal pre-emption would also benefit ambulances transporting
patients, and this practice has already been implemented in Chatham County.
The fourth street project will involve demolition, repaving, and restriping. The project will span
from Highway 21 to the Rincon city limits and encompass approximately 0.95 miles of road.
The project will also add traffic control measures along the way. While there are several traffic
control devices along the road, the main objective is to make traffic flow smoothly. By
eliminating congestion, the Effingham Parkway will improve safety for the entire county.
Effingham Parkway’s impact on traffic in Rincon
The Effingham Parkway project is being constructed by a multinational infrastructure group,
Balfour Beatty. Once completed, it will provide a new north-south route from State Route 30 to
Blue Jay Road in Rincon. It will relieve traffic congestion and provide a faster route to the
Georgia Port Authority. Construction is expected to begin later this summer or early fall and
will be completed by spring 2024.
The city of Rincon is planning to develop a two-million-square-foot industrial park in the area.
The project will house several warehouses. This project will take at least a decade to
complete, but it will leave a significant mark on Effingham County. Road prep and tree clearing
are already underway, and construction of the first two warehouses will begin within three to
five years.
Effingham County has two park-and-ride lots: one in Guyton and one at the Effingham County
Courthouse in Springfield. There are currently no formal programs to increase the number of
parking spaces in Effingham. However, the county is planning to increase the number of
parking spaces in Rincon and the surrounding area. It is unclear whether or not the county
plans to develop more park-and-ride facilities to reduce traffic congestion.
Stakeholder interviews are an important part of Effingham County’s outreach strategy and
citizen participation plan. The goal is to involve key stakeholders in the study, ensure they
understand its implications and offer their feedback. The survey process also helps community
leaders communicate their findings to the general public. It also allows them to gather valuable
information about major transportation issues. There are many advantages and disadvantages
to the project, including reduced traffic congestion.
The Effingham Parkway is located in the southwest corner of Rincon. In addition to traffic
impacts, the road also provides a convenient transportation link for ambulances. It improves
public safety and efficiency by facilitating emergency vehicles’ access to the city. Effingham
County has already implemented two State bicycle routes along US 80. However, the new

parkway’s construction and maintenance plan will need to incorporate several other elements
that will benefit the community.
Effingham County’s population is growing primarily because of the Port of Savannah. The Port
of Savannah handles over 15 million tons of freight annually, mostly via truck. Effingham
County will also receive a large influx of additional employment in the logistics industry. This
increase in commuters may lead to the need for public transportation options in the future.
There is no clear answer as to the exact impact of the Effingham Parkway on traffic in Rincon.
The Effingham Parkway’s construction will create an east-west T-intersection with Blue Jay
Road. Typical section of the parkway will include 12 foot lanes, 6.5-foot paved shoulders, and
an 80-foot right-of-way. The road will be equipped with right-turn lanes at intersections. The
proposed Effingham Parkway will be completed by the end of 2016.


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