What Is Holster Claw And What Things To Consider Before Buying It?

The Holster Claw is an attachment often used to hold the gun close to the body and prevent printing. Use the body’s natural curve by pressing it against the belt and pushing the grip end of the gun back toward you. The holster is attached under the trigger guard of the waistband (IWB) holster. Claws can be made of various materials, have different shapes, and have a unique designs. Each can affect how the claws work and sit against your belt.


  • The fit is too tight and may be too loose. Also, the holding power is different, and try not to hide as much as possible.
  • Some holsters fit any gun but are not around you when you need to hide a gun.
  • Make sure you use a holster molded to fit your gun model.

Can I need to wear a belt with a holster claw?

The Holster claws lever the belt to push the gun grip back toward the body. You can be use this without a belt, but most of the time, it will not work effectively without a belt. In addition, the proper belt is important for the IWB holster to function properly. The usual belt is sometimes made of the same material as the gun belt, such as leather and nylon, but the gun belt is made of layers and high-quality material and produces a belt stronger than the average.

Is the holster claw strong?

Yes, holster claws are made of a composite polymer of two-part resin, increasing the claws’ strength. Other companies may utilize other materials or compounds to provide similar strength. The strength of the claws is an essential factor that every manufacturer can maximize so that they do not bend or break when you are carrying.

What should I consider when buying a holster?

Shopping for holsters is a challenge, especially for the considerate carry holster. There are also many different holster sellers out there, and some may now have an idea about holster wear that might work for you. Some holsters are cheap, and some others are expensive. Not all of them are worth your period. Keep these in mind, and you’ll know how to choose the concealed carry holster that best suits your needs.

A concealment One of the most important things to look for in the holster is how well it can hide under your clothes.

  • Comfort.
  • Hold.
  • Re-holstering
  • Accommodability
  • Quality of the craftsmanship
  • A good fit.

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