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Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Updates
Too Hot To Handle season three is now in full swing, and the drama has already begun. While contestants
are getting used to the strict rules of not having any physical contact, the series is soon to turn into a
romance challenge. Nathan has already described himself as Lana’s most wanted man. Read on for the
latest updates on this exciting reality show. And don’t forget to tune in to see who’s the next contestant!
Nathan is a contestant
It was not long ago that we saw the first episode of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix. The 24-year-old model
and business student from Cape Town, South Africa, has been labeled as the infamous party animal of
Cape Town. In his own words, Nathan is “an international playboy” who has no time for a single life.
Thankfully, he’s not the only one with an appetite for the limelight.
Despite his seemingly high-energy level, Nathan is notoriously short-tempered, and his attention span is
short. That can get him into trouble in the villa. A free spirit, Nathan can talk just about any girl into his
bed. However, he has said that he is a very picky boy, so be careful of the girl you choose. However, this
doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try his services – he’s definitely worth checking out!


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