The Demon Slayer iPhone case is a black and white

Demon Slayer iPhone Case

The Demon Slayer iPhone case is a black and white design that offers protection from falls and shock. It also features a strap hole to attach a keychain. Each case comes with a warranty period that varies based on the manufacturer. You should check the warranty information before buying a case to ensure that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Black and white design

A fan of Demon Slayer has come up with a new black and white design for a phone case. This design features the Demon Slayer character Rengoku, who is a prominent supporting character from the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga series. The design is inspired by the manga, and features collage-like art on the front of the phone case.

The design of the Demon Slayer phone case includes two word bubbles, which can be easily read with a zoom in. The design also draws attention to Rengoku’s moral character. The design is beautiful and unique, and the creator has received several requests for commissions.

Strap hole

This Demon Slayer phone case comes with a strap hole for attaching your keychain or strap. Moreover, it features a durable TPU bumper liner that prevents the phone from shock and fall damage. The case comes with hooks for convenient storage and is available in a variety of colors and materials.


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