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Techscoops Nigeria, a Nigerian website specializing in Geekzilla tech news, covers video
games, Netflix movies, and gadget news. They will be reviewing the upcoming video game,
Evil Dead – The Game, on its release date tomorrow. While it is rated M for mature audiences,
it will be selling in high volume. If you’re a fan of horror games, this is the site for you. We look
forward to seeing you there.
Game of the Day
Today’s Game of the Day at Geekzilla Tech is a review of the portable Nintendo Switch OLED
console. This portable console is a new addition to the Nintendo franchise, and offers many
new features and options. Geekzilla Tech also looks at the latest gaming consoles, including
the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. If you’re looking for the latest gaming console, check
out the Geekzilla Tech roundup.
Nintendo Switch OLED console review
In this Nintendo Switch OLED console review, I’ll take a closer look at this console’s features
and benefits. The console looks beautiful and has premium manufacturing throughout,
including its plastic support foot. It also weighs approximately 20 grams more than its
predecessor. It also sports the same power button and volume controls on the upper left
corner, and it has a USB Type-C input. We’ll talk about how this new console differs from its
predecessor and if it’s worth purchasing.
One of the most impressive features of the Nintendo Switch OLED is the improved stereo
speakers. The sound quality is clear and crisp, but it may be a bit too high if you don’t use
wireless headphones. The 3.5mm port on the console has been removed, so you’ll have to use
earbuds or speakers to listen to music. However, this does not affect the console’s portability.
The OLED screen on the Nintendo Switch 3 model is a big selling point. While it isn’t
necessarily brighter than its LCD counterpart, it offers a more vibrant viewing experience.
Colours are deeper and more saturated, with whites that are cooler and bluer. The OLED
screen is also easier on the eyes. It has a microSD card slot to add additional storage.
However, this isn’t the only advantage of the Switch OLED.
Another key benefit of the Switch OLED is that it’s compatible with existing accessories, such
as Joy-Cons. Since it’s lighter than the original Switch, the console can be carried from room
to room without much difficulty. It has a small flex in the center of its rear panel, but it’s not
enough to be cumbersome. Although it’s still a lightweight console, the OLED model is slightly
While it isn’t a Switch Pro, the Switch OLED is a great compromise between desktop and
mobile gaming. It offers both mobile play and desktop gaming, but with the advantage of
running on a TV. In addition to its OLED screen, the Switch is compatible with TVs, which
means that it has a bigger and brighter screen than the original Switch. However, it isn’t a
game changer, and the Switch has plenty of great games.
One game on the Nintendo Switch OLED is Metroid Dread. The game was a long-term
development hell for Nintendo, but it is finally out on the Nintendo Switch OLED. The game is
all about visceral dread, and the OLED screen is the perfect partner for the game. I
recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a game with spikes in the neck. And for the
gamers who love Samus, this is an unbeatable experience!
Xbox One S review
The Xbox One S is an update of the original Xbox, which launched in November 2014. The
new console is smaller, sleeker, and better in every respect. Not only is it the best console to
date, but it is also future-proof. Microsoft has announced that it is developing Project Scorpio,

which will be the “fastest console ever.” However, it is not expected to launch until Holiday
2017, so you can still play games on this system for awhile.
Compared to the original Xbox, the Xbox One S’s graphics performance has improved a little.
The GPU now runs at 914 MHz, which can handle games in high-definition (HDR) format.
Despite the higher-end graphics, the console is not notably faster than the original Xbox, and
you won’t notice a huge performance increase in most games. The new console’s limited HDR
capabilities are also a downside. If you’re looking for a console that plays HDR content, you
should look elsewhere.
The Xbox One S’s video quality is excellent, especially when paired with a 4K TV. The console
also supports Ultra-HD Blu-rays, which look exquisite. You can even stream UHD content from
Netflix on your Xbox One S. Games like Halo 5 and Forza Motorsport 5 look almost photoreal.
Unfortunately, older Xbox 360 games don’t benefit from this quality, so don’t expect to play
them on the Xbox One S.
The Xbox One S features a slimmer, whiter form factor, and a smaller power cord than the
original Xbox. It is 40% smaller than the Xbox One and is 40% smaller than a PS4! And
because it has an integrated power supply, the Xbox One S is much more compact than the
original. The new controller also feels better and is similar to the one for the Xbox One. There
is also a new stand for the console, and the controller itself is similar to the Xbox One.
The Xbox One S is a slight upgrade to the original Xbox One. It’s 40 percent smaller, and

ditches the giant power brick that dominated the console. It can display 4K and Ultra HD Blu-
rays, and supports HDR contrast. The Xbox One S controller is compatible with Bluetooth

devices, but only if you have an Ultra HD TV. In summary, the Xbox One S is not a true
successor to the Xbox One, but a decent gaming console all round.
The Xbox One S is better than the Xbox One. It has a sleeker design, a larger hard drive, a
slightly revamped controller, and perks for 4K TV owners. It starts at $300 for a 500GB model,
and goes up to $400 for a 2TB version. But despite the changes, the Xbox One S remains a
great console for gamers who want to take their gaming to the next level.


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