Eternal Sonata Blus30161 Ps3 Rom Download

Eternal Sonata Blus30161 PS3 Rom Download

If you’re a fan of the Playstation 3 role-playing game genre, you’ve probably heard of Eternal Sonata. This game is divided into several chapters, and is sort of a colorful metaphor for Chopin’s wildest dreams. You play as Chopin, and adapt his memories to his new magical world. In this article, we’ll explore the game’s storyline and characters.

Character names

The characters of Eternal Sonata are named after various musical terms. Although these characters’ names do not link to articles that describe them, they are related to music and the game. Chopin, the protagonist of the game, is a famous composer and pianist who meets Emilia, a young girl suffering from tuberculosis. Chopin’s companions include Polka, who is about the same age as Emilia was when she died of tuberculosis.

In Eternal Sonata, the protagonist, Chopin, meets Polka, a beautiful girl living in a village called Tenuto. She is in danger of being enslaved by evil forces, so Chopin must use all of his powers to save her. This action-platformer from the tri-Crescendo studios boasts a sophisticated combo-based battle system and beautiful soundtracks.


In Eternal Sonata, a world famous composer is on his deathbed. The world also faces a terrible destiny, and there is a young girl who is fighting to protect her. In this epic tale of good and evil, players will fight evil and try to rescue the young girl. The game has a hybrid battle system and unique monster morphing system. It also features special attack features based on light and shadow.

Chopin’s euphonious music is the soundtrack to the game, and you’ll enjoy listening to this beautiful composition while playing the game. The world of Eternal Sonata is full of beautiful settings, including lush greenery, lava-filled caves, swamps, and various towns. The game’s beautiful cel-shaded graphics also give the game’s environments a stunning look.

In addition to the storyline, the game’s features and characters are also enhanced in this PlayStation 3 version. The PlayStation 3 version contains extra areas to explore, new bosses, new characters, costumes, and new music. This game’s storyline can be completed by playing the game on the PS3 system or on another platform. The game also allows players to save their progress through the game’s tutorial.

While the gameplay of Eternal Sonata is enjoyable, it is repetitive and lackluster at times. As such, it is best suited for casual RPG enthusiasts. It lacks customization options and has a linear storyline, but Eternal Sonata is worth buying if you’re interested in the setting and the storyline. The game can also be fun in bursts.

Game’s soundtrack

If you’re looking for an RPG game for Playstation 3, you should try Eternal Sonata. The game was released on February 13, 2009 and is based on the works of Chopin. Players play the role of Chopin and learn about his life. They also gain access to a magical universe where they can explore Chopin’s past. The game features a story and a complex combo-based battle system.

The game includes a huge soundtrack, composed by Motoi Sakuraba and featuring seven Chopin compositions performed by Stanislav Bunin. These pieces are presented in 5.1 surround sound and include the Etude Op. 10, No. 12, and the Polonaise Op. 53. The soundtrack also features Akiko Shinada, who plays the piano. In Japan, the game was released as a four-disc album titled Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream Original Score.

Eternal Sonata is a great game for PlayStation 3 systems and incorporates Chopin’s music into the story. The game also offers a unique action battle system with an interesting “light and dark” mechanic. Depending on the lighting, enemies take on different forms, which adds strategic depth to battles. The game also features a variety of playable characters and quests.


Characters of Eternal Sonata is a PlayStation 3 RPG with an intriguing storyline and music composed by Chopin. It incorporates stunning 3D graphics and an action battle system. It also includes a number of new playable characters, quests, and music. Download this rom to enjoy the game’s full potential! Just be sure to choose the proper format for your system, and enjoy the game’s music as much as you do!


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