Weiss Cloud Mobre

Weiss Cloud Mobre
A new technique has revealed that the cold water clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy are cooled
by dark energy. The researchers are now trying to map the cooling of the Big Bang echo by
searching for more clouds. The technique is promising and could give new insights into the
evolution of the Universe. In addition, it could help scientists better understand the origins of
dark energy and how it interacts with other elements. In the future, this technique could be
used to determine whether dark matter and dark energy are actually in constant motion.
S!MPATI(r) online
S!MPATI(r) online is a powerful tool for programing, monitoring, and networking climate test
chambers. Its proven stability and high level of operating efficiency set new standards in the
climate testing industry. Its cloud-based extension enables automatic generation of test
reports. For maximum convenience and data security, S!MPATI(r) online is fully compatible
with any current Weisstechnik device.
S!MPATI(r) online expands the capabilities of the locally installed software and transfers the
test reporting to a Word template based on DIN EN 60068-2-38. The generated test reports
contain graphical evaluations, written test documentation, images, and corre-ponding system
protocols. S!MPATI(r) online is secure cloud service with automatic updates, and backward
compatible with the test chambers of weisstechnik dating as far back as 1999.
The new version of S!MPATI(r) online allows laboratories to manage test systems from a
central location. It also allows laboratories to issue test reports via the Internet with maximum
security. Many laboratories struggle to prepare standard-compliant test reports, and
S!MPATI(r) online takes the hassle out of the process. Users can import data and graphs from
multiple sites into one Word file, export the test report, and make any final adjustments.


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