Kameron Reed Wilken Car Accident

Kameron Reed Wilken, 23, Was Killed in a Car Accident in Illinois

When the trucker Kameron Reed Wilken was killed in a car accident in Illinois, he was 23 years old. Born and raised in Kankakee, Illinois, he loved truck driving. After graduating from college, he chose trucking as his career. He even co-founded a trucking company called K. Wilken Trucking Inc. with his father, Reed Wilken. But he didn’t know the dangers of trucking until that fateful day, when he was involved in a fatal truck accident.

Kameron reed wilken was a truck driver

The death of Kameron Reed Wilken has been a shocking one. The 23-year-old truck driver and founder of K. Wilken Trucking, Inc. died tragically in a truck accident in Joplin, Missouri. Wilken was a truck enthusiast and trucking enthusiast. He was also related to Allison Cornwell. Kameron was very kind and passionate about trucks. His charismatic personality and sweet talk attracted many to him.

Wilken began his career with Farm Dawg Trucking, Inc., before starting his own trucking company in December 2021. The company gave Kameron Wilken his own authority in December 2021, and he started operating his own truck. He lived in Joplin, Missouri. His obituary in The Daily Journal Kankakee, Illinois, noted that he died on 16th January 2022.

His demise left family members and friends devastated. He had been working with Farm Dawg Trucking since 2016, and he was a truck driver who loved his job. A truck driver, he was a loyal, bright, and honest person. It’s hard to find anyone with as many positive qualities as Kameron Reed Wilken. The obituary for Kameron Reed Wilken reveals a little bit about his character.

After high school, Kameron Wilken followed his dream of becoming a truck driver. He was born in Kankakee, Illinois, and weighed a whopping 10 lbs. 4 oz. He was an exceptional man and a loyal friend. His death was the tragic result of a trucking accident, which killed a truck driver and a passenger.

On January 16, a close friend shared the tragic news of Kameron Reed Wilken’s death. Afterwards, friends and family were left in tears. His death was confirmed on the 16th of this year, and the cause of his death has been revealed. The investigation will provide more information on how Kameron Reed Wilken died. In the meantime, it is important to remember that family members are still grieving and there are no words to express condolences.

He was a loving husband and father, and he was the loving father of Alec Minor. He was the brother of Kaleigh Wilken and Karlyn Warmbold. The family has mourned the loss of their beloved family member. While the death of Reed Wilken has devastated his family, his life touched many, including his children and his grandchildren. As the news spread, his family and friends are shocked and devastated.

He was the father of Alec Minor

The family of Alec Major is devastated after the sudden death of their father. The late Kameron Reed Wilken is the father of Kaleigh Wilken, Karlyn Warmbold, and Keagan Urban. His business partner, Kameron Wilken, was also a truck driver. The family says that the news has shocked them and they are now seeking justice. Their father was an adoring father to his kids.

Kameron Reed Wilken was a truck driver. He was only 23 years old when the accident happened and started his own trucking company. He lived in Danforth, Missouri, and loved riding Harleys and playing pool. He also enjoyed golf, snowmobiling, and shooting pool. His family will miss him dearly. Alec Minor, who was born to Kameron and Allison Cornwell, is not alone in his loss.

Known to many as Kam, Kameron Reed Wilken was an honest and loyal man. His trucking business in Joplin, Missouri is named after him. He loved the outdoors and traveling, and he was a loyal father. His children are his pride and joy. His son, Alec Minor, is a trucker with the same passion. His funeral was attended by many friends and family members.

He was a grandson of Reed Wilken

Originally from Kankakee, Illinois, Kameron Reed was born on Mid-America Trucking Show weekend. After high school, he pursued his lifelong dream of driving a truck. Born weighing 10 pounds, 4 oz., Kameron loved driving trucks and shooting pool. His personality and hard work were evident in the many photos of him posted on Facebook.

A truck driver, Kameron was a son of Reed Wilken and his mother. He was the brother of Kaegon Urban and cousin of Jaeden Barney and Kiana Barnett. He was also the co-founder of K. Wilken Trucking Inc. and was a member of the trucking industry’s Trucker’s Union. Sadly, his death has left his family and friends grieving.

The news of his death has devastated his family, especially his children and grandchildren. Reed Wilken was a loving husband and father and was deeply involved in his children’s lives. His children adored him, and they were proud to call him their “Dad.” In addition to his own family, Reed’s adoring children – Kaleigh Wilken and Karlyn Warmbold – were his grandchildren.

The world will miss him for his passion and his work. He lived in Gilman, Illinois, 90 miles south of Chicago. At age 18, he began hauling food products across state lines. At age 23, he made his first trip to California. Sadly, he did not make it back home. His cremation was held in Danforth, Illinois. Over 100 trucks gathered for his funeral.


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