Final Jeopardy Answer Today

Final Jeopardy Answer Today

The audience was well aware of the answer to the Final Jeopardy question today. During the episode, the hosts asked the audience what place rockettes perform Rockette-style kick lines in front of the police. The fans guessed the Stonewall Inn. But many people were still baffled by Evan Roberts’ final answer, so many fans knew the right answer. Today, Evan is the new winner.

Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn is a historic landmark and gay bar located in New York City. The 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement occurred there and the bar is still open today. Evan Roberts, a poised Cary, NC developer, was on a four-day winning streak. He was the only contestant on stage when the question came. The answer was no surprise to many, and many fans knew it.

As the theme of this week’s Final Jeopardy game was Georgia, the correct answer was Stonewall. This location was once an abandoned auto racetrack and was owned by Asa Candler, a Coca-Cola executive. Ultimately, the gay community was allowed to stay in the inn. After the break, Jackie’s performance was strong. Christian remains in the red.

The bar was notorious for being a haven for LGBTQ people. The raid on the bar was a surprise, as the raid came just days after a threat to close the bar. It resulted in police roughing up patrons and arresting thirteen. The event led to the first gay pride parade in New York City one year later. Despite the fact that Stonewall Inn was a historic moment for the LGBT community, many historians see it as the start of the modern fight for gay rights in the United States.


The clue that prompted Patton to give his final Jeopardy answer today is an odd one. The film itself was released in 1970 and won an Academy Award, but the clue does not state if the award is for a particular year. The answer Patton gave was “The Ten-Hat” (1970), and he won the $1 million wager that accompanied it. The clue also contradicted the usual way in which the show names the winner.

Fans were left scratching their heads over the clue’s accuracy, but they were quick to correct it. “Jeopardy!” fans were quick to point out that Midnight Cowboy had won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1970. They also pointed out that the movie Patton won in 1971 also won the Oscar. That’s quite a feat. Fans of the film criticized the clue, but they quickly set the record straight on Twitter.

The question also misidentified Patton’s Best Picture nomination in 1970. The correct answer is “The 1970 Best Picture.” But that’s just wrong. The movie won the award for Best Picture in 1971, not 1970. The show’s team missed a comma, and it’s not clear how the answer was obtained. Today, it’s possible to find more information on the film’s nomination in various forms.

Midnight Cowboy

“Jeopardy! fans were divided today over a movie answer on the show. While it is clear that Patton, the director of the film, was a winner of the 1970 Academy Award for Best Picture, fans were unsure whether it was the right answer. Fortunately, “Jeopardy!” fans were quick to point out that “Patton” was actually released in 1970 and didn’t win the Best Picture award until 1971.

While watching the movie on the final episode of the show, I found this interesting: the question asked about the year the film was made was actually a song. “Midnight Cowboy” was featured on the soundtrack of Andy Williams’ TV show, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” That was the same year as the movie’s release, so there’s a connection.


On “Jeopardy!” today, three contestants pondered the final clue. Lafayette, a French aristocrat and military officer during the American Revolutionary War, appeared as a clue on the show. But is he truly the best answer? Let’s find out. Let’s begin by deciphering the clue:

The Marquis de Lafayette, a French Revolutionary War hero, embraced President John Quincy Adams on September 7, 1825. The speech capped off his triumphant visit to the United States, which lasted thirteen months. The Marquis even brought his son, George Washington Motier de Lafayette, along on his trip. But the real question is why did Lafayette come to America in the first place.

Moliere Award

The Moliere Award, originally known as Les Molieres, is France’s highest honor in the world of theatre. The awards are named after renowned 17th-century playwright Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, who was the creator of classic works like Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, and The Hypochondriac. A Moliere Award winner is a French playwright who has made a lasting mark on the world of theatre.

The Moliere Award is named after the French playwright who died in Paris in 1673. In the final jeopardy game today, a contestant must identify the award by choosing an answer related to the Molière Award. Today’s clue will range from art to famous people, geography to sports, and more. The more clues you get, the stronger your memory will become, so make sure you play this game every day for the next few weeks!


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