Dead By Daylight Update

Dead by Daylight Update

In this article, you will discover the latest Dead by Daylight update. This new patch contains fixes for bugs in the game, as well as improvements to the Onryo’s Manifest and Fountain. Also, the game has a new version of its Compendium. Read on to learn about these changes. And don’t forget to check out the other great news about the update. Here are the main highlights of the new patch:

Fixed bugs in the game

The new Dead by Daylight update will fix many bugs in the game, as well as add back many disabled perks. The hotfix will also improve Onryo’s voice quality and address issues with the flashlight. Players can expect the latest Dead by Daylight update to be available on Tuesday, March 15.

Some of the bugs fixed in this update include: The killer being stuck beside an empty locker during the main building’s SFX; Glyph spawning too high on the Yamaoka map; The Artist’s fall from the Thompson House vault was unable to be smooth; two pallets spawned on the same tile in MacMillan Estate; low-quality shadows from generator lights; and Jane’s Twitch shirt cosmetic not being available to all players.

Another important bug fix is Legion. The patch fixes several game-breaking bugs and UI glitches. It also fixes sound effect issues. A mid-chapter update fixed an issue with idle animation. Fuming Mix Tape add-on effects have been fixed, but still won’t appear when survivors cleanse the Hex: Ruin totem. The patch also fixes some balance issues in the game.

Fixes in the Compendium

If you’ve been experiencing errors with your game and have searched for a solution, then you might have come across the Fixes in the Dead by Day Compendium. This guide lists various fixes for these errors. You may not need to try all of them. This guide has been designed for Xbox users. Before you try any of these fixes, you should back up your game. Also, before you start, check if you’ve logged in with the same account.

Alternatively, you can try restarting the game. To do so, go to Steam and right-click on the Steam icon. Select “Open file location.” Once in the Steam folder, locate and copy the steamapps folder to your current directory. Then, restart your game to see if the error has been resolved. If you’re still experiencing error code 8014, don’t hesitate to share your experiences with other players on the forums.

Fixes in the Onryo’s Manifest

Onryo’s water well add-on was rendered inactive after some interactions. Fixes in the Onryo’s Manifest for dead by daylight encompass many of the game’s other features. The main purpose of the changes to the Onryo’s Manifest is to make her more viable in open maps and during chases. Other improvements include making Onryo manifest more frequently, as well as fixing several bugs.

Onryo, whose name means “vengeful spirit,” is the newest addition to the game’s roster. As of February 15, he has joined the game’s roster along with Yoichi Asakawa. In the upcoming chapter of the game, Onryo will be part of the CHAPTER XXIII: Sadako Rising DLC.

The latest patch, version 5.6.0, has been released on all platforms. Other improvements include the addition of a new Survivor, Yoichi Asakawa. Other changes include custom SFX intros for all maps and the option to lock viewport aspect ratios at 16:9.

The game has resolved a bug that prevented the Player from purchasing discounted outfits using Shards. Additionally, the Game’s Unhook prompt was blocked by some players. Other important fixes include clarifying the details of the Green Glyph challenge. It has also fixed an issue that prevented the player from hearing the Onryo’s SFX when opening an empty locker, and the Hillbilly’s chainsaw SFX when sprinting. The main menu has a new timer, which indicates the time left until the Rift closes. The rubber banding issue was also fixed in the 5.7.0 update. Finally, the game’s Onryo’s power sometimes did not load properly at the start of a match.

While the Onryo’s power allows her to sneak up on Survivors, it also grants her undetectable status. This makes her particularly useful on maps that have few open areas. The Onryo’s power depends on the map, so you should consider this when choosing a map. Furthermore, it is important to note that the Onryo spawn location, unlike the others, is not controlled by the player, so a bad spawn can happen.

Fixes in the Onryo’s Fountain

The newest patch for Onryo’s Fountain adds a new killer called Sadako, as well as various bug fixes and balance adjustments. Dead by Daylight players have been testing Onryo for weeks in the PBE, and developers have listened to their feedback. The current patch includes fixes for several bugs, including a missing Onryo’s Water Well add-on and a broken wall in Yamaoka Estate.

In addition to addressing the ‘Screen’ problem, the update also fixes issues with the game’s multiplayer. After some interactions, survivors could not wiggle out of being picked up by a killer. Fixed bugs that prevented survivors from wriggling free when holding a weapon or item. Also fixed were issues with the game’s auric cells and the “Invincible” option in the Steam menu.

A new patch for Dead by Daylight is scheduled for March 15th, 2022. It focuses on bug fixes and re-enables the Wake Up perk and the Object of Obsession perk. The patch also fixes various gameplay issues that plagued several maps. As well as fixing bugs, the update also adds a couple of new perks. The game’s new patch for Onryo’s Fountain includes a number of improvements that will improve gameplay, including improved stability, better character performance, and more.

Several bugs have been fixed in the latest update of Onryo’s Fountain. After the last patch, survivors now gain stacks of Feral Slash. Additionally, mending interactions have been fixed. This patch also fixes issues with the Compendium ambiance. Furthermore, Killers are no longer able to hit Survivors on stairs in Midwich Elementary School map. Furthermore, the frame of the map in Lery’s Memorial Institute had noticeable seams.


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