Abby Lucero Car Accident

Abby Lucero, 11, Was Killed in a Car Accident in November 2018

You may have heard about Abby Lucero‘s car accident, but did you know the tragic story behind her death? The name only came to light because of her tragic accident four years ago. Police responded to the scene of the accident and cordoned off the area. The accident was the subject of several social media posts, and her death has prompted many people to discuss the importance of wearing safety equipment while driving.

Kevin Hilt

In the year 2021, the 39-year-old driver of another vehicle was found guilty of criminally causing the death of 11-year-old Abby Luciero in a car accident. Hilt had hit Abby’s vehicle from behind. Hilt was sentenced to four years in the Department of Correction, and will remain behind bars until 2025. Hilt has already pleaded guilty and has received his sentence.

The accident occurred in November 2018. Apparently, Hilt was driving drunk at the time of the wreck. The girl was 11 years old, and her mother is now grieving for her loss. Hilt was texting his girlfriend Lindsey Lucero just before the crash. According to her, she was telling Hilt to look at pictures of her daughter because she was “so beautiful”.

While the accident was happening, the police cordoned off the scene and conducted an investigation. The incident has since sparked discussion on social media and has increased safety awareness. Those who care about the safety of others are asking whether their cars have the necessary safety equipment. While Kevin Hilt and Abby were at fault in the accident, the driver failed to take the time to install a seatbelt.

Sadly, the family of Abby Lucero, an 11-year-old girl from Paris, Tennessee, died in a car accident. Abby was seated in the back seat of the vehicle being driven by someone else when the accident occurred. Abby was struck from behind by the car. Apparently, the driver of the car had been distracted, causing the crash.

Abigale “Abby” Lucero

A family of Abigale “Abby” Lucera died after a tragic car accident. She was only 11 years old. Kevin Hilt was drinking and driving when he hit Abby Lucero. Hilt was texting while driving when the fatal wreck happened on November 22, 2018. Lindsey Lucero, Abby’s mother, passed Hilt pictures of her daughter and told him to “look at how beautiful she was.” The two were in their car at the time of the crash.

Although she had been dead for four years, her name was only mentioned in the news because of the car accident that claimed her life. Her cause of death was still being investigated, but the accident has prompted people to consider the importance of safety equipment in cars. Fortunately, Lucero was wearing her seatbelts when she was killed. This can help prevent tragedies from happening again.

Cheyanne Glisson

The collision involved two cars. Glisson and Hilt were driving on Highway 79 near Routon when their vehicle collided with another vehicle on the road. The collision sent both cars flying. The Glissons were thrown from their vehicle and Hilt’s vehicle flipped over. Hilt claimed responsibility for the accident, but Glisson refused to accept responsibility and filed suit in 2021.

Before the accident, Lindsey Lucero kissed her daughter goodbye and told her to have fun. She was on her way to get her eyebrows shaped with a friend. When the wreck occurred, the two were in the middle of their conversation. After the wreck, Abby Lucero was able to speak with emergency crews, but did not speak to Cheyanne Glisson or anyone else afterward. The crash occurred on Highway 79 southwest of Paris, when Glisson’s 1996 Jeep was struck by Hilt’s car.

During the trial, the Glisson and Lucero families presented their impact statements. Attorneys Stephanie Hale and Chad Cox represented the state and the Glissons were represented by Paris Attorney Chad Cox. The family also provided a list of their demands and hopes for justice. The case ended up resulting in a guilty verdict for Kelvin Lucero.

A tragic car crash took the lives of a young girl from Paris, Tennessee. Abby Lucero’s real name was Abigail Lucero and she was originally from Paris. Her tragic auto accident took place in an automobile on a Bay shore, near Taylor Avenue. The other driver had no idea that she was sitting at the back of the vehicle when she was hit.

Ricky Glisson

A fatal wreck that killed the occupants of two vehicles near Routon, Colorado, has left the mother of an 11-year-old girl in deep grief. Abby Lucero was killed in the car crash in November 2018. Her mother, Lindsey Lucero, cradled her daughter’s funeral urn in her arms. Kevin Hilt, who was driving drunk, was texting at the time of the wreck. Lindsey Lucero, who was Abby’s mother, had shown Kevin Hilt pictures of her daughter. She told him to look at them because she was a beauty.

The crash killed Abigale Lucero, a girl from Paris, Tennessee. The two were traveling in a 1996 Jeep when a young girl named Abby Lucero was a passenger. Ricky Glisson had failed to yield and hit Abigale Lucero. The accident occurred at the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Pine Breathable Drive.


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